Deepdene Tennis Club offers a range of affordable membership options for individuals, juniors and families.

Important Notes
  • Membership Period - 1 Jul to 30 Jun

  • Pro-Rata 'Membership' Fees apply for periods of less than 12 months (not applicable on Joining Fee)

  • 'Family' Membership - 
    includes two 'Full' memberships
    and all juniors living at home


  • 'Junior' Membership -
    includes full time students under
    25 years, living in family home


  • Key for Gate / Clubhouse -
    optional, available for members
    aged 16 years and over

Member Guests

Guests of Deepdene Tennis Club members are welcome, but visitor fees apply.  


A visitor fee of $5.00 per guest (up to a maximum of six visits per year) should be deposited in the collection box inside the clubhouse.  Guests must be accompanied by the Deepdene Tennis Club member.

Social Tennis

Deepdene has joined with three other local tennis clubs to create a combined 'social tennis' event for members every Friday night.  Play starts at 7.30pm.  More details, including upcoming dates and venues, are on our home page.


Toptenn Tennis Academy, Camberwell Grammar School and teams involved in formal competition have priority use of courts during designated times.  All other access is on a first come, first served basis.



Floodights on Court 1 and 2 (the courts nearest to the clubhouse) can be activated by placing $1 coins into the light meters inside the clubhouse.  Each meter covers one court and $1 provides light for approximately 7-8 minutes.


A key for the clubhouse and courts are provided for a deposit of $20.00.  Members must return keys when the membership ceases. 


$10.00 of the deposit is refunded upon return of the key.